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H.D. Fisch - hypnosis & re-wiring


H.D. Fisch (aka DCSC host Heather Fisch) is a certified hypnotist and holistic life coach, offering private and group sessions in hypnosis and re-wiring at Race Brook Lodge.

She engages public audiences under hypnotist trade-name, H.D. Psychek. Since 2008, her work has been focused on the investigation, catharsis and healing of the collective human psyche through theater and the healing arts. Most recently, her studies in Jungian psychology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Eriksonian hypnosis, occult mysticism, chakra-system theory and gender politics have been channeled into developing a method for re-wiring limiting beliefs about the self.

Her work aims to dismantle systems of internalized oppression that have been programmed on both the grossest and subtlest levels of the subconscious mind.