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DCSC June 22: Francesca Shanks

  • Down County Social Club 864 South Undermountain Road Sheffield, MA, 01257 United States

Francesca Shanks’ primary instrument is baritone ukulele, but don’t pigeonhole her as a quirky girl who sings cute songs. Shanks’ writing is tight with metaphor and naked with intent, nostalgia and longing, evoking artists like Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, John K. Samson and Kathleen Hanna.

Shanks’ aim is to use songwriting to explore the gray areas integral to our humanity. Her songs are direct and conversational, circling around themes of nature, god, waiting, death and time: Birds swoop through words about love and divination, muddy water carries away lost innocence and the claws of a cat are ridden into the night sky.

Shanks has always been a writer (she’s now logged several years as a reporter, editor and columnist), and spent her early years in various bands, from keyboard-driven no-wave to harmonic freak-folk.