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Sunday 'Show n' Tell' Open Mic Night featuring Jess Kin

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Episode 58

I am excited to finally have the amazing Jess Kin headline at the Show N' Tell. She loops! She hoops! She poo(Michael, NO!)... um she's my friend, and she's got a bunch of new songs with rich layerings of reverberating harmonies that will carry you to the care-free cosmos of her heart.. So that's why I'll see you next Sunday. -Kameleon Mike


KIN (Jess Kin) uses music and art as a soothing balm for the hard truth. She weaves heartfelt poetry into dynamic vocal melodies and harmonies that shake one's soul into the present moment. Incorporating live looped vocals, piano and baritone ukulele, she creates soulful and catchy tunes to sway to. With authenticity, humor and wisdom, she addresses her view of the current state of humanity and proclaims her dreams of what could be. Each song is a prayer and a testament to the lessons learned from the challenges she has faced. Expect raw storytelling and most likely some corny jokes.

listen and read more: www.kinperformanceart.com


The next level open-mic. A haven for the introverted, mental drifter, off kilter, non-binary, sisters or misters, every shade of the rainbow, so come let go. We want your music, poetry, stories, comedy, tragedy and everything in-between. Come connect and collaborate.

Don't fear scrutiny.

Get weird with community.

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$10 suggested donation for headliner

Kameleon's vision also includes:

-Performances will be recorded as a talk show and streamed live our DCSC Facebook and YouTube pages.
-Performers will be interviewed. People will get to know each other and community will strengthen.
-Great performances may be awarded more time and potentially their own show on a Thursday night in the DCSC.
-There will be fun segments, like spontaneous Dancing, weird questions for and from the audience, taboo talks, and games.
-People will be invited to contribute creatively to the show with more than just their performance.
-The community will throw (lived streamed) pop-up festivals for the The Show N' Tell in public places!


Q: Tired of the same-old open mic? Do you really want to be heard but you're afraid no one will show up or listen? What could make your friends come if your 5 to 10 minute performance isn't enough leverage? What is our creative community missing? Is it fun? Is it enthusiasm?

A: If you answered "I don't know" to some or all of these questions, that's fine! We figured it out for you.

What we're missing is an MC. A host. A hype man. An idea guy... A nut.

Q: Where do we find one?

A: In the local creative community... And we found one.

Q: Who did we find?

A: Kameleon Mike

Q: Who's That?

A: It's Michael Lesko... but weirder.

Michael Lesko

Michael Lesko

Michael Lesko is a Berkshire musician, songwriter, and performer. His alias, Kameleon Mike, was first used for his radio personality in 2015 when he hosted "The After Party" a uniquely playful music radio show on WBCR, Berkshire Community Radio.

The resurrection of the Kameleon is thanks to the DCSC and their invitation to host their newly proposed open mic on Sunday nights. Due to his innate passion and sense of purpose in organizing and empowering fellow artists, Kameleon Mike honorably agreed to "host like a beast" and has since conceived an elaborate vision for his new open-mic culture.

Q: Is this real?

A: Yes. If you come and make it real.


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