Race Brook Lodge

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Group Hug > Jan. 27-29, 2017

Every community needs to take time together away from the daily grind, to celebrate and unwind, breathe inspiration and courage into one another and recharge collectively.

Group Hug is a special opportunity for us to gather in a magical location, share gifts, strengthen personal bonds, awaken spiritual connections, and cultivate professional insights, in a communal atmosphere of a vibrant affinity network.

The weekend will be filled with a schedule of events, performances, talks, discussions, workshops and classes, all shared by members of the community… THAT'S YOU. All Group Hug participants bring an offering for the community in this way. Offerings can come in the form of a musical performance, leading a workshop or class, scholarly presentations, storytelling or standup, art installations, culinary wizardry, special decorations, logistical support, or something that nobody has ever done before… What’s important is that the energetic fabric of the weekend will be woven together with the vibrations of all the participants.

All-inclusive costs for 2 nights accommodation and meals, for Friday dinner through Sunday Lunch. Participants are welcome to arrive on Thursday for no additional cost. Thursday dinner will be dutch treat at The Stagecoach Tavern. Local Berkshire residents are welcome to join for $50.

Different prices for different accommodation types,
Prices Include 2 nights and 6 meals and everything else:

Shared Room: 250
private room (1 person): 360
private room (2 people): 500
deluxe room (1 person): 435
deluxe room (2 people): 580
family with 1 child: 680
family with 2 kids: 750