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Dec. 1st - 3rd Evryman Open Source Retreat

Evryman's Open Source Retreat

Join us for a life changing experience
December 01 — 03, 2017
Evryman Open Source Retreat
with Dan Doty, Sascha Lewis & Lucas Krump.

An Evryman Open Source retreat is very straightforward. It is 30 guys and 5 leaders coming together with the simple agreement to set aside cultural norms and be transparent, honest, and vulnerable with each other for a weekend. We use simple communication protocols as a large group, in small groups, and in pairs to reach deeper and deeper within ourselves to stop holding back who we are. We do hikes, sometimes in silence, and we create time for everyone to have some quiet time in nature. We do a service project, one that involves labor and getting dirty--not to be MANLY--but to come together as a group and feel the benefit of teamwork and giving back. We eat amazing food and have a badass talent show, and we leave feeling like we shed 30 pounds of emotional baggage and with a new group of deeply caring brothers and friends.

Evryman's Open Source Retreat

When men come together with the shared goal of being aware and honest, something very important happens.  It’s like being plugged into a socket, an alive and undeniable authenticity is born—from this place wounds are healed, friendships are cemented, and true clarity and creativity is found.  It is an energy that you get to carry with you, and it all comes from the power of men striving to be themselves all the way.

Turning the tide of manhood.

Little by little the stigma on men opening themselves up to each other and the world is lifting.  A huge part of this process is accepting and owning the parts of ourselves that we don’t trust or value, which includes our emotions and our ability to be vulnerable.  The culture labels these as weak, but we’ve learned that real vulnerability is never weak, and its one of the biggest missing links in male culture today.  Join Dan and Sascha this weekend to push the needle forward both for yourself and for men everywhere.  

 Our weekend will include:

  • A very safe and tight group container built upon total confidentiality
  • Exercises to set goals from a grounded and completely honest place
  • An opportunity to hear direct and honest feedback from others
  • Delicious and healthy local food prepared onsite (vegetarian and carnivorous options)
  • Social time with an honest twist
  • Morning guided meditation, yoga, and workouts
  • Simple and powerful practices to build presence

Our goal for you is to leave with the following:

  • A deeper and clearer understanding of yourself, the world, and how those go together
  • A set of tools to practice awareness, presence, and openness moment by moment
  • Real friendship and a feeling of brotherhood
  • A better understanding of your purpose and what it means to embody it

Who we’re looking for:

  • Men of any age looking for a challenge, for brotherhood, for a kickstart to growth in their lives


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